Why Funding Matters



From our work developing leaders from within communities, we know that every organisation and every person has the capacity to make a concrete difference in girls’ and women’s lives. 


When you fund or donate to IASEW programmes, you will be helping


Increase Employment Opportunities and Incomes for Poor, Self-employed Women. Our skill development programmes range from cutting and tailoring to healthcare to beautician trainings. Women and girls who receive these trainings see their incomes increase.

Teach practical literacy skills to help women function in their daily lives. Our literacy programs integrate teachings on financial, digital, social security, vocational, and life skills. 

Educate the Daughters and Granddaughters of Our Members in Computer Skills. Over three months, these students learn computer skills, English Grammar, personal development, communication skills, gender equality issues, and health awareness. Through long-lasting relationships, we also provide career and personal counselling after students have graduated. 

Give Creative Voice to Girls. The editorial room of Akashganga Magazine is always buzzing with creativity. The daughters and granddaughters of our members are the magazine’s reporters, copy editors, illustrators, writers, and readers. The magazine enhances their skills and knowledge, educates them in science and history, generates awareness, and helps cultivate talent. 

Fund Radio Programmes and Stations Run By IASEW-Trained Women. Programmes reach 30 villages, featuring information on employment, income, nutrition, health, organising, education, self-reliance, the environment, agriculture, and housing. 

Support the Only Video Co-operative Managed and Owned By Community Women. Acknowledged globally, Video SEWA has produced more than 200 films and created video programmes that generate awareness on health, nutrition, and education.

Keep the Mobile Van On the Road. The mobile van carries programmes, books, and experts to communities. It helps our grassroots communicators and video and radio content access more people and educate them on topics like sanitation, nutrition, savings, and women’s empowerment. 

Light the Stage for Cultural Events. IASEW works for building peace and solidarity among different religions. Our members celebrate events like World Literacy Day, International Women’s Day, and festivals like Navratri, Rakshabandhan, Roja Iftary, and Snehmilan. Our events include both Muslim and Hindu communities, celebrating each culture's histor, and food habits. Held both in training centres and in the areas/villages, these events also provide platforms to share knowledge and meet other women like them.

Open and Run Extension Centres in Areas and Villages. Providing educational and information services to children, adolescent girls, and women.


IASEW has received funding from and have participated in development partnerships with a number of organisations. For more information, please contact us.