About Us 

The Indian Academy for Self-Employed Women improves women and girls’ dignity, welfare and self-representation through education, capacity building, leadership training, communications, and research. We know we will have succeeded when our members have

—full employment

—increased income

—adequate food and nutrition

—safeguarded health


—consistent and/or improved housing 

—increased assets

—increased organisational strength

—increased leadership skills

—individual and collective self-reliance



How We Teach


At our Academy — often students’ first formal learning environment — women and girls learn through experience in fields like

  • —Education

  • —Health

  • —Environmental studies, and 

  • —Society and culture. 


Our pedagogy is interactive and participatory and meets each student where she is

We care about the growth of the individual and helping her meet her potential as a local and national leader through social entrepreneurship, inclusion, and holistic development.



Course Content


Our Course Content is flexible and constantly evolving to meet students’ needs, concerns, and questions. 

Learning strategies — discussions, demonstrations, and participatory exercises — are designed to meet the needs of the student while being sensitive to her role in her family and community. 

We also work with other organisations to create and deliver programs and content specific to their students’ or members’ needs.