Exposure Dialogue Programme

Poor, working women are invisible to mainstream society. A labour market that favours men over women confines them to unskilled, arduous, and low-paid work. In the urban informal sector, some of the lowest paid occupations have a disproportionately high percentage of women. These women are further constrained by unequal access to education and vocational training, by bearing and raising children, and by household work. For close to 30 years, IASEW’s unique Exposure Dialogue Programme has been making these women visible. 



How It Works


Rooted in the Ghandian philosophy of combining political struggle with raising social awareness and understanding, The EDP allows government officials, researchers, academics, and others to personally move toward solidarity by gaining an increased understanding of what the day-to-day lives of poor, working women look like.


The programme runs for three days. On the first day, participants learn about SEWA’s history and principles, and about how to conduct themselves in the women’s homes. Participants then spend 24 hours fully immersed in the lives and homes of poor, working women. On return from these homes, participants reflect on their experiences through guided questions that highlight impressions, expectations, learnings, and new understandings. Further dialogue takes the discussion deeper into the social, family, and economic issues these women face, and then includes possible next steps the individuals and organisation can take to help SEWA’s mission. 

To organise an Exposure Dialogue for your organisation, please contact us.