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SEWA Academy’s primary objective is to take the SEWA movement forward. It does this in four ways - through training and capacity building, action-oriented research of its members, and by building strong communication channels, within the organization as well as with the outside world.


Training and capacity building represents SEWA’s systematic efforts at enhancing the capacity of its members to achieve greater personal and organizational development. This enables them to participate more effectively in the processes of change. Membership education (including literacy) and leadership training courses are the heart of SEWA Academy. It also carries out many other educational programmes that reinforce the philosophy and principles of the SEWA movement.


Through research, the effort is to bring the self employed women into the mainstream of the world of knowledge. Credible, scientifically based research has been a critical tool in SEWA’s advocacy efforts. Its research is designed not only to clearly demonstrate the need for overall policy changes but also identify specific measures for implementation.


Communication is a very important aspect of poor self employed women's lives and struggles. There is the need to develop and strengthen communication between members within the SEWA movement, and also between poor women and the world outside. Different media for communication are used by the women, so that they are both seen and heard.


The following are some communication tools used by us:

» Anasooya - our own newsletter,

» Our Members Daughter's Magazine - Akashganga,

» E-Newsletter - WE THE SELF EMPLOYED,

» VideoSEWA - Our communications cooperative,

» Rudi no Radio



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