Computer Education and Life Skill Training

Time has changed and so do the requirements. Young daughters aspire to learn new technology for securing their future. They are the third generation daughters of our members who are bidi workers, incense stick roller, vegetable vendors, recyclers etc. They want to do job and become self reliant and move ahead with better livelihood option. Thus we are running computer education centers at Indian Academy for Self Employed Women with Basic and Advance course. It is not only computer that they learn, session on English Grammar, personality development, communication, gender, Health awareness and various others are also conducted during this course of period. The relation that we build with them is long lasting and so handholding support is provided through counseling for their career and other personal issues We can reach more such daughters, if you give your valuable support.

Duration: Three Months
Cost of one batch: 25,000/- Rs.
Cost of one girl’s computer education: 1,000/- Rs.

Support Radio Programmes

If you are near Sanand than do tune in to 90.4 Mhz, our CRS Rudi No Radio, this is a frequency where you can hear voice of our community, folk songs and other important information. It is one of the leading community radio stations that run by women. Women with no technical degree is operating and performing all tasks related to programming with more efficiency. The team has evolved in numbers and is comprises of community from nearby villages.

Community Rudi no Radio Station (CRS) situated in Manipur village of Sanand Taluka in Ahmedabad. The CRS transmission was initiated on 26 November 2009. The community radio station broadcast on 90.4 frequency reaching 30 villages within 10kms radius from Manipur village, Ahmedabad. The programme is broadcast from 11am to 1 pm and 2pm to 6pm daily. Eight different programmes are broadcasts on daily basis covering all age groups.

There are eight different programmes broadcast on daily basis. The radio programmes cover various topics such as employment, income, nutrition, health, organizing, education, self reliance, environment, agriculture, housing, etc to generate awareness among communities.

Community participation for Community Development is our core objective Awareness leads them towards Empowerment

Cost of radio program production(15 min): 2,000/- Rs.

Support Video Programmes

The only Video Co-operative run, managed and owned by Community women. Video SEWA, existing since 1984, has produced more than 200 films, got acknowledged globally and nationally and above from all it is the first of its kind of Co‐operative managed totally by women. We make video programmes and message is given through video. Visual treatment to the content has higher impact in the community as they can relate the issue. It becomes the most effective way of generating awareness as it is the creative representation of important issues like health, nutrition, education etc. Video SEWA also do video replay, they take their films to the community for creative awareness.

You can boost up their talent and motivate them to continue their creative and effective work especially for the benefit of the community.

Cost of one video film (3 to 5 minutes) : 25,000/- Rs.
Cost of one girl digital training : 1,000/- Rs.

Awareness through the Mobile Van

Mobile Van can sometimes become the encyclopedia for our community. As it carries programs, books and Expert to provide needed information and solve their queries.

Video Replay and Radio Replay is the method which gives us a chance to visit community in personal and make them listen and watch radio and video programs respectively. As our grassroots communicators closely associate with the community, they are very much trained in briefing content and generating awareness.This mobile van roam around the places and generates awareness through video replays, radio replays of the programmes made by radio and video wings respectively and awareness talk is also done on various topics covering sanitation, Swach Bharat Abhyan, Cleanliness, Nutrition, Savings, Women Empowerment etc. It does have the mini library too. Thus the mobile van is the channel through which the awareness is been generated utilising radio and video media.

Cost of Mobile Van for one area visit : 1,000/- Rs.

Akashganga Magazine, made for and by adolescents

Their editorial room always echoed with interesting ideas. Girls of hardly 10-13 years of age, have bigger ideas to share for the front page stories and headlines. They are the reporters, copy editors, writers and readers. Akashganga magazine features all areas from general knowledge to science and history. They make it more interesting by illustrating and using caricatures. The readers and writers both are from the informal sector. Magazine is very much popular amongst the daughters. It enhances their knowledge, generates awareness and gives them chance to contribute their talent. The magazine is published under the guidance of the Director of IASEW and other subject experts.

If you want to lend support to this future spark of the society, support for its publication and subscribe to enjoy its content.

One edition publishing cost of magazine is : 15,000/- Rs.

Skill Development Training

In the world of competition and global change it is necessary to have specific skills which can be helpful to the poor self employed women to get employment opportunity and income with the changing time. In 2016, 280 participants were reached through 14 skill development trainings.

Such skills are provided by IASEW in the women’s area (Generally in villages of Ahmedabad district and slums of Ahmedabad city) on their demand for their convenience and at her convenient time. Following Skill trainings are generally in demand and provided by IASEW.

  1. Cutting and Tailoring
  2. Beauticare and healthcare
  3. Fancy Blouse
  4. Fancy Dress


Afsana Inayatkhan Pathan(Fatehwadi): I did not even know how to use measure tape and take measurements. But after joining SEWA Academy’s Cutting and Tailoring classes, I learnt to prepare diagram after measuring. I like to stitch clothes of family members and neighbors. Also, I begin to earn more than I was earning earlier from Domestic work.

Dipikaben Govindbhai Makwana (Amraiwadi): Earlier I was not even going out of my house but after attending Tailoring classes of SEWA Academy in my area, now I am earning from Rs.2000-Rs.2500 per month. My parents are proud of me, as I not only bare my expenses but also help financially in the family.


56 Women/girls who received cutting and Tailoring training in 2016 begin to earn income using the skill ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 6000.

22 Women/girls who received beauticare and Healthcare training in 2016 begin to earn income using the skill ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 2000.

To support one woman for getting beauty parlor skill make her self- reliant donate Rs : 1,500/- Rs.

To support one women for getting Cutting and Tailoring skill and make her self- reliant donate Rs : 1,500/- Rs.

To support one women for getting fancy clothes making skill and make her self- reliant donate Rs : 1,500/- Rs.

Community Gatherings and Celebration of Festivals for Communal Harmony to Provide a Platform for Marginalised Women and Girls


As IASEW believe in Gandhian philosophy and self-reliance, we work for building peace and solidarity among different religion. The women from informal sector get together for the celebration of events like world literacy day, world women’s day and festivals like Navratri, Rakshabandhan, Roja Iftary, Snehmilan etc. The activity include both Hindu and Muslim community. The activity give chance to both community to celebrate each others festival and get knowledge about the rich culture of India and the objective/history and food habits associated with the same. These activities are conducted both in training centers and in the areas/villages. It also provide platform to share their knowledge and meet other women like them.

Cost of donating such one event is Rs : 20,000/- Rs.
Cost of donating for one women participation for such event is Rs : 1,000/- Rs.

Adult Literacy Programme

Objective: To provide simple functional literacy to women this can be useful to her in her daily life.
Work area: Ahmedabad city and Villages of Ahmedabad district.

Literacy not limited to learning alphabets and numbers. Our literacy program would be integration of financial, digital, social security, vocational skills and all inclusive of life skills. Adult literacy program is run by Academy in the areas since 1992 but since last year digital literacy was provided to about 2000 women in the areas by IASEW. The program worked in two ways. First building the capacity of teachers of the area by training them to deal with computers both hardware and software basic skills. Secondly, the digital way of teaching through computer that enabled the participants to learn easily.

Hansaben (construction worker): After getting literacy through SEWA Academy she joined tailoring classes in which she prepared theory book including diagrams. She also begin to do tailoring work and contribute financially in the family. Her both children who were drop outs from the formal education, begin to study further. Hansaben is happy as she is now able to do her signature in Bank and also in receiving couriers.

To support one activity of extension center donate Rs : 1,000 /- Rs.
To support extension center for one month donate Rs :15,000 /- Rs.

Donate now for making one women literate and make her life easy through digital literacy Rs : 1,000 /- Rs.
Extension centers:These are the centers running in the areas/villages which target children, adolescent girls and women and affects the whole community.

These centers provide all those educational and informative services which are required by the community for their betterment. It includes activities like child education, motivation to the dropout to study further, club for adolescent girls, library, government schemes information and facilitation to access those services and skills and life skill trainings on their demand.



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